I am not maybe

Hello loves how are you? I hope everyone is doing well. My goals is to be more consistent blogging. I have not been best blogger throughout my life. I struggle with being consistent and on time due to my major depression.

My goal is to blog at least once a week. And from there perhaps do more blog post per week. But i feel one blog post per week is good. I also have YouTube Channel that I want to use more. I also thought about doing podcast in future. I know entertainment and being writer is the right thing for me. I have been working on writing some books. I just need to give time to all my projects and have a time management.

I am working hard bettering myself mentally, physically, career, and spiritually. I am in a program that helps me get job training, driving instruction and so much help as woman who has mental disability  of extreme mental illness.  My goal with that program is to get the help to learn to drive finally, job training for secretary type work, and work hard to get cheap first new car. I am almost there. I am steadfast and happy and knowing the universe is working in the background.

I feel its such a shame I paid my premium WordPress account for blogging and I hardly use it.  I feel its good I got premium cause now I have to blog and be good at it. But I am only human we are all human and have things to work on. One of my things that I need cut ties with is procrastination in my Spongebob voice.


I am no longer saying  ” maybe or I will”  I am saying ” I am”. I am no longer gonna say things in past or future but present because the universe is always working for me always even in the background when it feels like nothing is happening. I am learning to change my mental thinking. But also realizing I am human and sometimes get negative thinking. But this time when I get negative thinking just let it flow and not obsessive think about it. And using magic and African spirituality to keep me balanced and focused.

I appreciate you reading my blog post, liking, and commenting. And dont forget to hit that follow button. Remember the power is in you and you are loved.


Katsumi Moretti





Look Within To Change Yourself

I am on this journal of leveling up physically, emotionally, spiritually,  and career wise where I can learn to benefit from myself and from men. I am need to do better in therapy and actually use her suggestions. I need to learn to not be as emotional and take things as I see fit and as suggestions but work myself up if I don’t want to do it. But also learn when I just cant face truth that will help me level up.

I have gone through so much yet I took my power and used it as my benefit. I have been in therapy since 18 and have used it help me. Granted I haven’t been the greatest but I am ahead then some women who never learn. This year I am working harder to be accountable of myself and my time management.

I want to try learn to like short hair styles. I want to loose some weight so I can loose weight in my face.  I want my face to look slimmer.  I love Beyonce short hairstyles. She always looks nice with short hair styles. She looks so elegant. I want to learn to look more elegant and put together. Beyonce always looks good period but when she is in short hairstyles.



images (2)





I also want to invest in getting eyelash extensions and getting them refilled every 2 to 3 weeks. I want it look dolly yet mature,classy, and sexy. I this would save me money and time for doing false eyelashes strips. But I still wanna learn how to use the eyelashes from the stores better.




When self care gets hard

We get busy with the hustle and bustle. We get caught up with life troubles. We have to check that email, write that paper, clock into that job. And we forget about my mental and physical well being. We need remember to do self care. But often times when we look up self care its  big grand things. But self care is thing simple as cleaning your dishes, doing your laundry, eating healthy meal, brushing your teeth. Mental illness is serious topic and its hard to manage mental, physical, and spiritual well being when your dealing with so many issues within.

I suck at doing self care. I can go days without washing dishes, cleaning my bathroom and the list can go on. I struggle with major depressive disorder. I mean its hard for me to even wake up let alone be motivated to do blog post, vlog post, and doing things I know myself will love.  I totally suck at health and self care when I am down in the fucking dumps. I often ask myself ” How fucking low can someone go?”. These are the things that go in your mind when your struggling to do the basic human things that help us be functional human beings.

Here is some simple self care tips

  1. Drink some nice warm tea
  2. Make a vision board
  3. Shower with your favorite body wash
  4. Take your dog for a walk
  5. Go to bed hour earlier
  6. Read fictional novel
  7. Do your skin care routine
  8. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue
  9. Go to playground and love your inner child
  10. Write a self love letter to yourself

The important thing is your not stuck like a tree. You will have ups and downs. Realize you are human. This is all the human experience. We are complex beings and we will go through many emotions. I know I been missing in action because mental illness is no joke. But I looked within to get some energy to do this simple and quick blog post. I hope this helped someone get through the hardest days of their life.


Katsumi Moretti




Inspiration of the Week

I am Libra woman, with the moon in Cancer, and Pisces rising which means aesthetics, moodiness, emotions, and a lot of creativity. And I am addicted to getting inspiration from all over the place. My favorite pass time is saving stuff on my computer, reblogging on Tumblr, and saving pins on Pinterest. Today is my day off. I enjoyed some well-needed rest and laziness. And got the idea to blog some of the most recent inspirations that have crossed my path.  My days off are on Wednesday and Sundays. My goals are to use those days to do more video blogging and blogging on this site more. I would love to start doing a blog post on youtube, this site, and my black feminist blog once a week. One post a week


I have been loving some of Trey Songz new songs. He makes some of the best love making songs, songs that make you feel that you the only woman in the world, and just plain ole sensual songs.


I have also been listening to Ezi Emela. She is from London of Nigerian descent. Black women are too beautiful, talented, and I fucking love them. She makes good afrobeats R & B music.

I been listening to Kash Doll. I love her raping and her style. Black women are too damn lit.


I hope you loved the recent music I am listening to.

Katsumi Moretti 🙂

Pracrastion is my best friend!!

I have been so MIA when it comes to blogging and posting. It has been so much going in my in personal life. I have been so down in the dumps, not enough money growing on trees, and the lack of motivation. My next goal is to take my blog to business level. I want to use my blog to brand myself, connect with people, and use my talents to make money. But most importantly feel good doing things I love but make a living from it.

My blogging is never consistently updated. I need to invest money in my blogging. I need to upgrade to premium. I need to buy a domain. Save up to get some graphic design for my headers and themes for my blog. I need to become more tech savvy so I can do as much as possible by myself but also work hard to pay someone to do a service for me. I need a quality camera. I need get a better program or invest in mac computer. It is all fine and dandy to start with what you have but you need to update because people are so visual. I added Grammarly to my web browsing to do better with my grammar and spelling.  I been looking up videos on developing a better blog because I want to get more followers, touch more people lives, make more money with my blog, but most importantly feel fucking proud of my hard fucking work.

It’s all about planning, having an to do list and executing! Get that shit done. It’s all about dedication. I can have all these wonderful dreams, goals, ideas but if I don’t have a workable plan, reasonable goal time, and dedication then I will never get the success I want. Sometimes its, not outside sources but inside sources within that keeps us back from getting the success we want. So many times I compared myself to someone who did the hard work and got the success from it. I am not gonna become them in a week. It takes time and hard work. And 2ndly   No one is perfect! Perfectionism will keep more people from being successful because nothing is good enough. Hey!, you might mess up! Who knows but you will never know if you don’t fail. And from failure comes success by becoming persistent. Optimism, positivity, and persistence are key. Time management!! Learn it bitch. Cause I am doing my best to make my time count. !!

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Revenge is loving yourself fat babes


As fat person I always thought the caption above was so true. And i always tried diets and always just self sabotaged myself. And felt so horrible that i never get revenge on people who hurt me. How would  i get revenge on men who hurt and abused me? Men who over passed me cause i was the fat black chick? Bullies in boarding high school?

But quite honestly you know you moved on when you dont think about getting revenge. The people arent in your mind.And that is a good feeling. I am knocking people who want revenge. And its nothing wrong with wanting it. But I want my fat women to know that you dont have to wait for that summer beach body. The body you have now is good. The best revenge is loving what they told you to hate. Revenge is wearing  crop tops, leggings,  bikini’s,  thigh highs, body con dressed when they tell you not to. Revenge is eating food and not feeling bad. Revenge is not working out and not beating yourself. And if you want to lose weight let it be for you. And not for those fucking losers. Why wait to get revenge? When you can do it now?  Revenge is loving yourself when this world tells fat women to not love themselves. You are worthy of love and respect.

So I want all my fat babes to love themselves and just be feeling themselves in world who hates us and tell us to hate ourselves. Best revenge is getting your paper and loving who you are when world tells us fat babes to hate ourselves.

Love yourself fat babes  xoxo

Katsumi Moretti