Revenge is loving yourself fat babes


As fat person I always thought the caption above was so true. And i always tried diets and always just self sabotaged myself. And felt so horrible that i never get revenge on people who hurt me. How would  i get revenge on men who hurt and abused me? Men who over passed me cause i was the fat black chick? Bullies in boarding high school?

But quite honestly you know you moved on when you dont think about getting revenge. The people arent in your mind.And that is a good feeling. I am knocking people who want revenge. And its nothing wrong with wanting it. But I want my fat women to know that you dont have to wait for that summer beach body. The body you have now is good. The best revenge is loving what they told you to hate. Revenge is wearing  crop tops, leggings,  bikini’s,  thigh highs, body con dressed when they tell you not to. Revenge is eating food and not feeling bad. Revenge is not working out and not beating yourself. And if you want to lose weight let it be for you. And not for those fucking losers. Why wait to get revenge? When you can do it now?  Revenge is loving yourself when this world tells fat women to not love themselves. You are worthy of love and respect.

So I want all my fat babes to love themselves and just be feeling themselves in world who hates us and tell us to hate ourselves. Best revenge is getting your paper and loving who you are when world tells us fat babes to hate ourselves.

Love yourself fat babes  xoxo

Katsumi Moretti

One comment

  1. soulanceblog · October 24, 2016

    YES! Love yourself!! 🙂


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