Pracrastion is my best friend!!

I have been so MIA when it comes to blogging and posting. It has been so much going in my in personal life. I have been so down in the dumps, not enough money growing on trees, and the lack of motivation. My next goal is to take my blog to business level. I want to use my blog to brand myself, connect with people, and use my talents to make money. But most importantly feel good doing things I love but make a living from it.

My blogging is never consistently updated. I need to invest money in my blogging. I need to upgrade to premium. I need to buy a domain. Save up to get some graphic design for my headers and themes for my blog. I need to become more tech savvy so I can do as much as possible by myself but also work hard to pay someone to do a service for me. I need a quality camera. I need get a better program or invest in mac computer. It is all fine and dandy to start with what you have but you need to update because people are so visual. I added Grammarly to my web browsing to do better with my grammar and spelling.  I been looking up videos on developing a better blog because I want to get more followers, touch more people lives, make more money with my blog, but most importantly feel fucking proud of my hard fucking work.

It’s all about planning, having an to do list and executing! Get that shit done. It’s all about dedication. I can have all these wonderful dreams, goals, ideas but if I don’t have a workable plan, reasonable goal time, and dedication then I will never get the success I want. Sometimes its, not outside sources but inside sources within that keeps us back from getting the success we want. So many times I compared myself to someone who did the hard work and got the success from it. I am not gonna become them in a week. It takes time and hard work. And 2ndly   No one is perfect! Perfectionism will keep more people from being successful because nothing is good enough. Hey!, you might mess up! Who knows but you will never know if you don’t fail. And from failure comes success by becoming persistent. Optimism, positivity, and persistence are key. Time management!! Learn it bitch. Cause I am doing my best to make my time count. !!

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