Inspiration of the Week

I am Libra woman, with the moon in Cancer, and Pisces rising which means aesthetics, moodiness, emotions, and a lot of creativity. And I am addicted to getting inspiration from all over the place. My favorite pass time is saving stuff on my computer, reblogging on Tumblr, and saving pins on Pinterest. Today is my day off. I enjoyed some well-needed rest and laziness. And got the idea to blog some of the most recent inspirations that have crossed my path.  My days off are on Wednesday and Sundays. My goals are to use those days to do more video blogging and blogging on this site more. I would love to start doing a blog post on youtube, this site, and my black feminist blog once a week. One post a week


I have been loving some of Trey Songz new songs. He makes some of the best love making songs, songs that make you feel that you the only woman in the world, and just plain ole sensual songs.


I have also been listening to Ezi Emela. She is from London of Nigerian descent. Black women are too beautiful, talented, and I fucking love them. She makes good afrobeats R & B music.

I been listening to Kash Doll. I love her raping and her style. Black women are too damn lit.


I hope you loved the recent music I am listening to.

Katsumi Moretti 🙂

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