My depression has not been acting up recently. I have been going to work each day. I have been more positive, smiling at customer’s, and feeling accomplished after working my shift. Also, have been taking extra hours when people call out from work. Surprisingly, I am proud what I have been doing. My nurse has increased my Zoloft dosages. And I notice the difference.

I can only talk about my experience with depression and use meds and therapy to cope with depression and anxiety. I have noticed when I take my meds on a constant basis not missing dosages that I feel so better. And I also over eat and emotionally eat less especially at night. I have been losing the weight I had gained from not being constant taking my meds. Everyone has been telling me I look like I have been losing. And my scale says it also. Also, I am starting to get back some of my interest back like video blogging on Youtube, blogging on WordPress, doing my makeup for work, taking cute selfies, songwriting, fitness. I have also been doing new things like learning about finance, budgeting, time management. And I have been doing things to make my dreams reality. Most importantly that Katsumi doesn’t have to be perfect, that I can make my dreams a reality. I realized I have a talent in writing, connecting with people, entertainment, cinema,  motivational speaking, esthetics, magic, fashion, and always finding new talents. I realized I have talents but I have to work hard to be skilled in those talents to have the satisfaction I want and make money from it.

I have a boyfriend I care about. I have a therapist who is really helpful. I handle my bills. I am becoming a confident adult who is realizing all I need is for me and the power is within me and being control of my life is scary but I can do anything because I made this far and changed bad habits into good habits and came so far from when I started therapy. I have my own opinions, beliefs, values, interest basically I have my identity. My family identity isn’t my identity. And I can’t people please because people are gonna be upset and it has nothing to do with me. My best fashion is living my truth, defining success and happiness on my own terms, and creating the identity I want and at any time I can change anything that doesn’t benefit me or that I don’t want anymore.

I hope all my followers are doing well. I hope to gain more followers.  I love the app Grammarly because it helps my writing more readable.  Please share this post to support me. I hope to work hard to create a name for myself and platform for myself. And to make living from this, entertainment, and business involving esthetics, motivational speaking, perhaps self-help book writing, and things that call to me where I find a passion in it but also chase checks.

Visualization becomes reality when you work for it

Katsumi Moretti

Current photos of me

March 2017

“Fat Thick” “Fat Baddie”

“Trap Baddie”

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