Weed Bongs Inspiration

I have tried weed a few times. I am pro-weed advocate for health, mental illness, and recreation purposes. I suffer from deep mental illness from fatphobia, racism, colorism, sexism, family issues, sexual orientation issues, body issues and so much. I have a deep depression, some personality issues, and anxiety issues. I take depression and anxiety medication. I don’t really like the taste of pot. But I really wanna try it see if it helps with my mental illnesses. I really don’t wanna depend on man-made medication forever. I just wanna find a balance.

I love pot culture in hood femme culture of black women. Those black women in the hood who have those nice acrylics, weave on fucking fleek, nice bong, blunt in they hand and not giving a fuck and so fucking hood and blackness in they aura. I love my black women in the hood. I wanna smoke pot,  have nails on fleek, blunt in my hand, maybe wine, and practice better self-care. Rihanna is the Queen of having pot in her hand and being on fleek. Black women in the hood are so fucking amazing. I am a hood woman and I a realizing it doesn’t make me evil. My blackness and womanhood as a black woman in this pro-white anti-white society colorist society are always judged, then scrutinized, and made to feel less than especially my black women in the hood who is struggling because of this racist society to people of color.

I love hood Black men, Afro latino, Asian men, pretty much  all men of color who unapologetically smoke pot, who are hood as fuck,  good looking, dick on ” Knows how to fuck you right”, who smashes anti-blackness, colorism, anti-black women, racism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, who are carefree, and who just fucking cares about black women and all that black women face in this fucking society. I am nympho for fine men of color they make me feel good and fit right inside me.  Especially my brown and black men I just wanna melt when I see they skin color and I love putting my hands on they wrist and arm and just going crazy over they handsome color society hates. But at the same time, they take advantage of the love we have for them and abuse us as black women.

So I just wanna use pot to help me cope with my mental illness. I wanna make some pot recipes like bot brownies and pot rice crispies treats. I wanna learn how to roll blunts and smoke them. I wanna learn how to use a bong to smoke. I wanna buy weed products and really learn more about weed.



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Just know you are motherfucking star

And you motherfucking slay

~~ Katsumi Moretti

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