Youtube Editing Resources

I have been looking up videos on how to become a better video editor for my Youtube channel. I found so many resources on Youtube. I thought I should share what I found. One of the key points of good videos on youtube is the quality of the camera and the quality of editing. You could have the best content and people will bypass you because the horrible quality of equipment to record videos and edit videos. People are visual if we weren’t companies wouldn’t pay so much money for lighting, camera, editing, and etc for advertising.

When I say Google is your friend I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Also youtube tutorial are your friend when it comes to editing, lighting, cameras, reviews on products you wanna buy to improve your channel, graphics and so much to help you build your brand and quality on your Youtube, blog and any social media you use for your brand, platform, company, and etc. Also if you went to school for any of these topics people will pay you to build websites, graphic design, business cards, banners for social media, editing, and so much get your hustle on if your good at any of that stuff. But if your starting off and can’t afford that like me then google and youtube have so many resources to be the best blogger you can be.

Here is a playlist of videos I been adding to my ” Video editing/photo/blog” playlist.

I add videos on how to edit with your smartphone, which apps are the best for your phone editing apps, what items to buy, which accessories, and how to certain editing and reviews on is it worth to pay for certain editing programs.

Video/photo/ blogging editing playlist


If you have any certain topics on editing you want me to look up and research let me know and I will look it up and show what I find.

Just take your time, its always about trial and error, and just having fun. Everyone has they own budget. Everyone is starting at a different starting point. It takes time and dedication to get to where you wanna be blogging wise. I believe in you and you should believe in you too. So thanks for reading this post and looking at my playlist. I really hope it’s helpful. I will be adding more videos to it.  Let me know if the link works.

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