I recently ordered shit load of items from amazon prime. I ordered kitchen items that would be helpful during my weight loss journey.

I have even more stuff I didn’t take pictures of but I’m so blessed go get all of these things plus the items I didn’t post.

I recently gotten my nose pierced finally. It looks so cute. Even bought my mom a car which is low miles used and PAID OFF. And bought brand new clothes and new camera. I’m so blessed and so happy I was blessed with these items.

And I also got like a new buzz cut what I love love love so fucking much.

So I’m so very blessed and happy to share my new found happiness. I have been through so much in 2017. Lost weight letting go of my ex and last bit of loser home girls from ambw. And this year staying to myself. And happy with myself and let no one define me. I am that hoe I make my own rules for me and just live life on my own terms. And have no desire to be “respectful” woman. I let go of all the bullshit and let it help me grow. I let go of losers from my old job who wasn’t about that life when it comes to black lives matter especially black women lives. So happy to be in a better space mentally and to prove all the people wrong.

Always know you rise above all the nonesense. Be your own type of hoe on your OWN terms. Love your flaws and all the good,bad,and the ugly. No one can use it against you if you acknowledge and tell people before they can tell people. And not everyone is haters or jealous some people are just different or see how you can improve greatly. It’s your life and define it for you and only you. Everyone has time limit in your life and just flow and go with it and don’t get ATTACHED because people,things, situations move on and go away but that’s okay cause you can use it for growth and memories and room for new people,things and situations.

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