Look Within To Change Yourself

I am on this journal of leveling up physically, emotionally, spiritually,  and career wise where I can learn to benefit from myself and from men. I am need to do better in therapy and actually use her suggestions. I need to learn to not be as emotional and take things as I see fit and as suggestions but work myself up if I don’t want to do it. But also learn when I just cant face truth that will help me level up.

I have gone through so much yet I took my power and used it as my benefit. I have been in therapy since 18 and have used it help me. Granted I haven’t been the greatest but I am ahead then some women who never learn. This year I am working harder to be accountable of myself and my time management.

I want to try learn to like short hair styles. I want to loose some weight so I can loose weight in my face.  I want my face to look slimmer.  I love Beyonce short hairstyles. She always looks nice with short hair styles. She looks so elegant. I want to learn to look more elegant and put together. Beyonce always looks good period but when she is in short hairstyles.



images (2)





I also want to invest in getting eyelash extensions and getting them refilled every 2 to 3 weeks. I want it look dolly yet mature,classy, and sexy. I this would save me money and time for doing false eyelashes strips. But I still wanna learn how to use the eyelashes from the stores better.




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